Know before you go

What hours is 007 ACTION VIENNA (“Exhibition”) Open?

The Exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday every week. Check the ticketing page of our website for the most up-to-date schedule

How can I get help with my ticket purchase?

For assistance with your ticket purchase, please contact our customer care team at customerservice@oeticket.com or by phone at Info hotline Monday - Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 0900 94 96 096 (€ 1.09/min incl. VAT)

How long will my visit take?

The Exhibition is self-guided, and we expect guests to spend 60 to 90 minutes within the exhibition.

What if I’m running late to my time session?

Sessions are sold in 20 minutes increments; you will have the full 20 minutes window to arrive for your session. If you are later than 20 minutes, we will be able to accommodate you in a following session if space permits.

Can I leave and come back?

Tickets for the Exhibition provide one-time entry. Once guests are inside the Exhibition, they may not exit and re-enter. Should a guest need to step out of the Exhibition for an emergency, please notify the nearest staff member.

Is parental supervision required?

All guests aged 15 years and under should be accompanied by a guest of at least 16 years of age.

What age is 007 ACTION VIENNA suitable for?

Guests of all ages may experience 007 ACTION VIENNA.

Can I take picture inside the Exhibition?

Yes! We encourage visitors to take picture inside the Exhibition, to share them with their friends and family and to share with us at images@007ActionExhibition.com

Will there be a cloakroom at the Venue?

A cloakroom will be operated at the Venue and standard fees will apply.

How to get there

What is the address of 007 ACTION VIENNA?

The Exhibition is presented at the METAstadt located at Dr. Otto-Neurath-Gasse 3, 1220, Vienna, Austria.

How do I get to the Exhibition?

Car: Directly on the Südosttangente A23: Coming from the north, exit Hirschstetten, coming from the south, exit Stadlau.

Tram: From station U1 Kagran station or U2 Hardeggasse station with tram line 25 to “Erzherzog Karl Straße”, duration: 9 minutes.

Bus: From station U1 Kagran with line 26A bus (direction Großenzersdorf) to station Erzherzog Karl Straße (150m from METAStadt, duration: 8 minutes

Rapid transit: S80 station “Erzherzog Karl Straße” (150m from METAStadt).

Ticket Information

What is the difference between the ticket offers available?

Timed-Entry Tickets: Choose this ticket type to enter on your selected date at any time during your chosen 20 minutes window. For instance, if you purchased a 13H00 ticket, you may enter anytime between 13H00 and 13H20. Select a date, find the ticketing section of our website, and from there select your preferred time session.

Flex Tickets: Guaranteed entry on any date and time within our operating hours. This works as a good gift option for friends and family.

At what age do children need a ticket?

All guests aged 6 years old and up require a ticket for entry. Guests aged 5 years old and under will need a complimentary Child Ticket to enter. Please note that complimentary Child Tickets must be reserved at the time the rest of your party is booked. Due to restriction within the venue, and for safety reasons, strollers are not permitted inside the Exhibition premises. Visitors arriving with strollers will be asked to check them in the Exhibition’s cloakroom and pay the requested fee to store them.

What are the parameters for “Kid” tickets?

Visitors between 6 and 15 years old will be allowed to purchase a Kid ticket.

What are the parameters for “Student” tickets?

Visitors holding a valid Student Card will be allowed to purchase a Student ticket.

What are the parameters for “Senior” tickets?

Visitors who have a valid ID showing that they are over 65 years old are allowed to purchase a senior ticket.


Small Family ticket package will be accessible to parties consisting of one (1) adult and (2) Kids" or “two (2) adults and one (1) Kid.

What are the parameters for “Big Family” tickets?

Big Family ticket package will be accessible to parties consisting of two (2) adults and (2) Kids, or one (1) adult and three (3) Kids.

Group tickets

The minimum number of patrons in a Group is six (6). Everyone in a group is
considered an adult, independent of age.


The minimum of patrons per School Group is thirteen (13). Everyone in the Group must be a school student, except for two (2) teachers, or adult-in-charge. Every School Group comes with two (2) free access for each teacher or adult-in-charge.

Guest with limited mobility

Guests with limited mobility will be required to purchase a ticket according to their age group, and this ticket will provide free access to the person accompanying them.

Guests Accommodations

What health and safety measures do you take?

007 ACTION VIENNA is committed to the health and safety of our staff and guests. As such, all local, state, and territorial regulations that could apply are followed.

Is 007 ACTION VIENNA accessible for guests with limited mobility?


Can I bring a backpack into the Exhibition?

Due to restrictions within the Venue, and for security reasons, backpacks are not allowed in the Venue. There will be no exception to this rule. Visitors arriving at the Venue with backpacks will be asked to check them at the cloakroom and pay the requested fee.

Are strollers allowed in the Exhibition?

Due to restriction within the venue, and for safety reasons, strollers are not permitted inside the Exhibition premises. Visitors arriving with strollers will be asked to check them in the Exhibition’s cloakroom and pay the requested fee for such service.

Are animals allowed in the Exhibition?

Only service animals are allowed in the Exhibition.

Exhibition General Information

Are all items shown in the Exhibition be the same as previous and future cities visited by the Exhibition?

Because we are strictly showcasing originals – there are no replicas in 007 ACTION VIENNA – and there are several 007 themed event presented around the world, the items shown may vary from one city to the other. Though the Exhibition’s Curator always make sure that what is displayed amaze the visitors and fulfil their expectations.

What other places will the Exhibition travel to?

Other cities have not yet been announced at this time. We encourage you to check our website from time to time for update.

I have other questions about the Exhibition:

Please write us at info@007ActionExhibition.com and we will respond at the earliest convenience.